Inspiration is all around us! Circle Tower is the name of a large, deluxe apartment that I lived in for ten years.  It is a beautiful building located on Route 50, at the intersection of Arlington Boulevard and Blake Lane. I found it to be a very pleasant and safe place to live, just 50 miles west of Washington, D.C.  While there, I was moved to draw the building I called “Home”, and eventually to also do a series of paintings in Fall of 1996.


To initiate this project, I first did a series of abstract drawings on the topic of “Circle Tower Apartment.” I took many pictures from different angles and with different views.  Then I chose some soft corners in each picture that I wanted to drag together to build my design.  I felt it was best to have an abstract on the drawing by using simple lines and various techniques, so I chose the very pure and limited colors of pastel de Conte’ France.  I planned to later develop the topic further, but using more simple lines