The United States of America, the land of vast opportunity- where dreams are made of. Where people are willing to work hard for what they believe in. In May,1990, at the age of 29, when I didn’t have a penny to my name, I made United States my home. I followed my dreams and I worked hard for what I believed in. I maintained a stable job at the Postal Service while attending GMU for my senior year as an art student. After six years of hard work, my life began to change as I saw a glimpse of my future as an artist. My hard work finally paid off as I now proudly display my very own art exhibition.

I drew these prints in the Spring of 1996. The “Caged Fishes and “The Air & Water” were the first two prints I drew. Then followed by the “Universe”, “Flight” and “The Whole World”. I drew these at night where my mind was free and clear of the everyday stress- oblivious to the distractions of the outside world. I find that as I draw, I am free to dream of my future. Each stroke representing my freedom and it holds nothing back.

My exhibit gives me great confidence and a sense of direction to where I should pursue my career. I have achieved the dream of becoming an artist but with every dream that becomes a reality, there comes a new hope. That hope is to bring the next generation of children to love art as much as I do. I want to dedicate my skills to teaching children to express themselves through their hands and mind- creating what only can be drawn. I would also like to dedicate this exhibition to my sister, Thuy To, who sponsored my immigration to the United States and helped me to have a new life and the chance to make my dreams come true.